Setting the Standard For Efficient Systems Design

Systems H2O's innovative DirectReturnTM design consolidates all flow requirements of an open cooling tower system into a single circulation pump with automatic backup.

An Open Evaporative Cooling Tower cools process water by exposing it to outside air as it cascades through an open, baffled enclosure.The cooled water then drains from the bottom of the tower and returns to a pumping system to be recirculated through the plant.

Typically, open cooling tower systems utilize three pumps to perform the work of our super-efficient single circulation pump. As a result, our DirectReturnTM system offer significantly lower operating and maintenance costs and improved efficiency by lowering feed temperature to the process by 3 to 5°F.

• Unique single-tank DirectReturnTM design yields the
   lowest operating cost and highest efficiency

• Package-mounted high-efficiency automatic filtering

• Integrated package with all components pre-piped and

• Package-mounted motor control center with
   comprehensive local and remote system monitoring,
   and optional Variable Speed Drives

• Thermostatically-controlled multi-stage cooling
   minimizes power costs

Systems H2O’s industrial cooling systems utilize:
  Evapco cooling towers
  BAC (Baltimore Air Coil) cooling towers
  Marley cooling towers

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